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Just watched condnsdmlk's newest vid of a South African film called Forgiveness set around the time of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission after Apartheid. It’s a poignant vid, and quite poetic in its visual aesthetic.

I really like her vids and choice of music. This one is particularly powerful.  Also South African film sources and dealing with similar themes and issues. The idea of placing the oppressor and victim together in the same room is really powerful. The song is just perfect. An acoustic version of a fuck-you, anti-conformist anthem (or anti-anthem) that just gains a whole bunch of other levels of meaning in conjunction with the visuals. The power of the lyrics gets lost slightly in the translation into English.

I also kinda love this Generation Kill vid Superficially, it looks like an action vid, but there’s a whole lot of other things going on there too.

I would actually recommend watching your way through all her vids. It’s an eclectic viewing/listening experience.
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