Letter meme via Sylvanwitch, who gave me the letter S

Something I hate: Slyness. Being completely without guile myself, I find it very difficult being around people who are sly and crafty.
Something I love: S, my man.
Somewhere I have been: South Africa
Somewhere I would like to go: Sweden - basically so I can go to this remote restaurant that only takes 12 people at a time and have something like “vinegar matured in the burned-out trunk of a spruce tree". I got the Faviken recipe book for S for Christmas and it’s full of great (and impossible) recipes like that.
Someone I know: the lovely sylvanwitch
Best Movie: Seven

vid rec

Just watched condnsdmlk's newest vid of a South African film called Forgiveness set around the time of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission after Apartheid. It’s a poignant vid, and quite poetic in its visual aesthetic.

I really like her vids and choice of music. This one is particularly powerful.  Also South African film sources and dealing with similar themes and issues. The idea of placing the oppressor and victim together in the same room is really powerful. The song is just perfect. An acoustic version of a fuck-you, anti-conformist anthem (or anti-anthem) that just gains a whole bunch of other levels of meaning in conjunction with the visuals. The power of the lyrics gets lost slightly in the translation into English.

I also kinda love this Generation Kill vid Superficially, it looks like an action vid, but there’s a whole lot of other things going on there too.

I would actually recommend watching your way through all her vids. It’s an eclectic viewing/listening experience.

big bang

I can't believe that I just signed up for spn_j2_bigbang

Up until Friday I had ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of doing any such thing. I don't really have the time; I don't really have the creative spark for writing; I don't really love Sam and Dean in the way that I used to etc. etc.

On Friday I had a snow day off work (Yay!) and found myself writing something for my bingo card that I then decided could turn into a long fic so what the hell, right? I might as well sign up. 

I am hoping that the usual suspects sylvanwitch andchemm80  will be up for hand-holding (she says batting her eyelashes hopefully).
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Trope Bingo

I signed up for a [community profile] trope_bingo card in the hope that it might inspire me to write fic - I haven't been feeling particularly inspired of late - and I'm just squeaking with delight right now at all these delicious tropes. But why are 'accidental marriage' and 'fake relationship' not on the same line?! Woe! How can I possibly choose between the two? 

in vino veritas / drunkfic au: other bodyswap genderswap fake relationship
au: all-human truth or dare soul bonding / soulmates alpha / beta / omega fusion
immortality / reincarnation presumed dead FREE

au: band road trip
accidental marriage au: historical rivals to lovers telepathy / mindmeld secret child
wingfic amnesia au: magic sharing a bed au: were / vamp / supernatural

Stories for Reading and Sharing with Friends

The lovely mementis has completed her EPIC PROJECT to rec a long fic (mostly a minimum of 10K) every day for a whole year. Her recs are multi-fandom – I’ve found myself reading all sorts of things that I never would have done otherwise – and they’re always thoughtful, wholehearted and entertaining to read in themselves, the kind of thing that makes you really happy to be in a fannish community.

As a spin-off she has bookmarked a number of stories that she didn’t get to rec during the project and has challenged others to write their own recs which she’ll then link. She’s called it Stories for Reading and Sharing with Friends

So, this is a contribution from me. A story I love, have read multiple times and would like to share with my friends.

Paian: Pars Pro Toto (Jack/Daniel | NC-17 | 9,788 words)
Jack finds out what Daniel's been doing on his trips out of town.

I was introduced to Paian’s Jack/Daniel fic through Mementis’ 365 recs and I am eternally grateful to her for it. I hesitate to say that Paian’s J/D stories are the best slash fics I’ve ever read or my favorite slash fics, because picking favorites seems silly and it’s only ever true until your next favorite comes along, but she’s the first fanfic writer that I’ve thought: I want to write exactly like this. I want to write dialogue, characterization, sex, love, relationships, dynamics between characters exactly like this.

It’s hard for me to unpick how she actually does what she does, and I think this fic is a really good example of it, but I’ll try.

So, there is the assumption that they are both heterosexual and therefore the assumption of unrequited love, which is made worse by the external pressures of their work, sense of duty, the military etc. Daniel fucks callboys to let off steam and to numb himself emotionally. Jack finds out through a guy who is “in one of the businesses that radiates out from the business.” This leads to Jack offering himself as a replacement to the callboys – no-strings-attached, get-your-rocks-off in a safe and secure environment. Except for the very basic barrier of: the EPIC LOVE.

I love that the declarations of love right at the start aren’t actually a panacea, an “Okay, now we can fuck and live happily ever after.” Being in love is the problem. It’s dealt with beautifully. I love the extended dialogue that precedes the sex, the negotiation that takes place between them.

The sex itself is brain-meltingly hot. After years of conditioning himself against the idea of having Jack, or rather being had by Jack, Daniel can’t really deal with intimacy, and yet it is such an intimate and erotic scene.

I think possibly my favorite characterization line in the fic, just for its perfect simplicity is when Jack responds to Daniel’s question about why he’s taking everything so well with: "I don't wig out over surprises. I was surprised. I'm over it."
Music Meg

music meme

Music meme via mementis.

Search your music library for the following words: happy, love, hate, light, dark, good, bad, smile, cry, girl, boy, sad, lost, night, day, wolf, robot, dance, time, life, death.

Go for the first song unless the first song is always alphabetical and by ABBA the same artist.

Here be mine:

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Letting Go

Title: Letting Go

Rating: NC-17

Central pairing: Jared/Jensen

Warnings: Jared/Jensen/Misha, PWP

Word count: almost 3000

Summary: Jared doesn’t feel safe enough to let Jensen in, not physically nor emotionally. Jensen and Misha help him let go of the reins enough to do that by putting him in a familiar director/actor setting.

A/N: I think this may have started out as a kinkmeme fill that I didn’t finish at the time. I’m pretty sure it’s the porniest thing I have ever written. Thanks to chemm80 for the beta, for providing the summary, and for encouraging me to avoid unnecessary wordiness and tangential backstory mid-coitus. 


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